WoMaster's Force
WoMaster – Master of your Wireless, Optical and M2M networks
WoMaster Group is an international group  with over 20 years of industrial market experience. We provide rugged products with customer oriented support for critical applications such as railway, power and utility, waste water, intelligent transportation and IP surveillance.
The WoMaster brand’s name distinguishes our target markets as well as symbolizes the nature sources which enforced us to become Master brand for Industrial Data Communication Market.

➟ Wave from Water : Wireless Communications
 Optical from Sun : Fiber Communications in Optical Network
 Mobile from Wind : M2M Network
WoMaster's global offices

WoMaster Asia
WoMaster Asia in Hong Kong develops and accomplishes global business solutions for various vertical markets, e.g. power and utility, industrial automation and control, as well as customized business solutions. WoMaster Asia is also responsible for elaborating market strategy: brand marketing, branch office management, and market localization distribution.

WoMaster Production
WoM EMS is a professional EMS partner with over 20 years of manufacturing industrial devices and provides full services including SMT, DIP, EMS and testing. WoM EMS Production developed high efficiency production Force and 100% test of standard production for strict quality control.
Customized production service 
・Customized manufacturing
・Customized assembly
・Customized testing

WoM EMS production site

WoM EMS passes ISO9001:200, and ISO14001:2004 quality certificates.

WoMaster's product range includes Industrial Networking and Computing products. All the products feature rugged design which guarantees smooth and sustainable operation in all kinds of harsh industrial environments, such as extremely low and high temperatures, mechanical stresses (vibration, shock, and pressure). Rugged enclosure with high ingress protection allows withstanding dust (IP31, IP67) and water intrusion (IP67). Whether you need switching computer or wireless data communication solutions for railway or ITS applications, water treatment facilities, military sites, security systems, oil and gas facilities, or power substations, we can provide you reliable and secure network solutions.